Help, I want to use my Harmony ONE, but Binance withdrawals are suspended!

Tamás Szabó
4 min readJun 18, 2021


How to use the Harmony network, even if the Big Brother tries to forbid it.
A step by step guide.

Thanks a lot!

This is a guide on how to enter the Harmony Chain and buy tokens on it, even if Binance suspends withdrawals. You can use this guide for:
- Staking on the Harmony mainnet
- Buying tokens that are only available on the Harmony network
- Entering the world of Defi on one of the lowest cost network

Step 1: Setup Metamask for the Harmony network

This step is only needed if you haven’t done so already.
Setup a metamask wallet using this guide:

Step 2: Setup Metamask for the BSC network

This step is only needed if you haven’t done so already.

Step 3: Buy BNB tokens on Binance

This should be self explanatory. If you already have ONE token on Binance, you can directly exchange them to BNB, since this pair exist.

Step 4: Transfer out BEP20 BNB to your Metamask wallet

If you are unsure how to do this, then use the guide below. You really want the BEP20 version of the token, or sometimes called “Smart chain BNB”

Step 5: Use the Horizon Bridge to transfer the BNB to the Harmony mainnet.

In this step, you receive BNBs that are HRC20 tokens. You can bridge it back to the BSC network any time. The price of the tokens is the same on the Harmony network as the BSC network. Do not send these tokens directly back to Binance, you will lose your money.
Below is a guide on how to use the Horizon Bridge.

A quick note: When you use the bridge, the Harmony team gives you a tiny amount of ONE token that should be good for thousands of transactions. Yay!

Step 6: Swap BNB tokens to ONE

There are only a few places where you can swap BNB on the Harmony network, and even less where you can use it. Swap it to the ONE token!
Use the Openswap exchange to swap BNB to ONE.

This is the address of the Openswap DEX:

You will find the BNB token on the bottom, first one of the BSC tokens, and the ONE token is the first on the list! How to do the trade? Below is a guide!

Congratulations, now you are a proud owner of ONE tokens that you have 100% control over.

FAQ and other guides:

Do you have more guides like this? Videos?
Please head to my youtube channel, where I talk about crypto and altcoins.

OK, so where do I stake ONE tokens?
You do it on this website:

Ok, but there are so many validators. Which one do I use? How do I do it?
I stake at Maffaz.ONE, this is his guide explaining how to stake:

I don’t like Metamask. I want to use my phone.
That’s not a question! But I use Blits wallet on my phone:

How do I buy Token X?
You should search which exchange it is available on, and swap your ONE tokens to that. DYOR about the token before that.

How much does this all cost?
Buying BNB is with regular Binance Fees, that is 0.1% unless you are a whale. Withdrawal from Binance is 0.0005 BNB. Using the bridge is uses gas, it is one of the more complex transactions, but the costs on the BSC network are usually low. Swapping on Openswap has 0.3% fee, just like any other DEX.
The total cost is about: 0.4%+3 USD

Have you actually tried this?
Yes, I’ve done each of these steps and I’ve bridged BNB. Some of it come from trading, some of it from Binance.

Ahh, this is way to complicated!
Maybe write a love letter to Binance, I’m sure they will not read it.